Monday, 9 May 2011

A superb performance of the Venezuelan pilot on the track at Miller Motorsport Park, on the podium after a spectacular recovery.The Venezuelan Carlos Kauffmann finished in third place during the third U.S. championship valid GT3 Challenge Cup which took place on Saturday at Miller Motorsport Park race track in Utah.

After starting in the post seventeen, Carlos Kauffmann completed the best comeback of the day, recovery completed with a new advancement in the absence of two curves for the checkered flag, allowing him to get on the podium in third place.

The high performance of Carlos Kauffmann in 997/2011 Porsche GT3 Cup NGT Motorsport team, also earned him the cognition Hard Charger Yokohama, being the competitor who won the most positions over the competition in the Platinum division.

The victory in the third round held in Utah was in the hands of Tim McKenzie after completing 21 laps of 4.8 km long in 45 minutes, 5 seconds and 177 milliseconds, followed by Henry Cisneros to 554 milliseconds, while Carlos Kauffmann was third, at 8 seconds and one tenth more.